Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning Tips

Sometimes in assistance of the spring cleaning comes ideas that seem absurd

Such advice your mother will never give you, however, can reasonably use them for work.

Let’s start from the closet where several months stand your beautiful new shirt, but you cannot wear it due to an annoying ink stain. No, do not rush to dispose of and give it a second chance, dipped it into a solution of two parts milk and one part white vinegar. Leave the shirt to stand overnight in the solution, and in the morning, the stain will be just a bad memory.

  • While it is known as one of your favourite soft drinks, Coca Cola or Pepsi can help clean the toilet.
  • The citric acid in an aluminium can promote a sufficient cleaning effect. The cherry flavour is preferred, but it is essential to spray the toilet and leave it to stay overnight thoroughly. In the morning, rinse the car with water.
  • Replace paper towels for cleaning (or well-known household rolls) with newspapers. It turns out that paper napkins are not always the most effective for cleaning surfaces, especially glass. While paper towels gloss over oily patches on the smooth surface, newspapers cope smoothly, leaving the glass shiny. This is especially true for windows, but can’t use it, and tiles, glass tables, kitchen countertops and more.
  • If you find patches of colour on your freshly washed dishes, it is time to run the dishwasher on “idle.” The appliance should only be cleaned by simply dropping it to perform a cycle with a packet of citric acid crystals (you can buy it from any grocery store). Then, start another process with regular detergent. To avoid such a problem, the next time clean the vessels from coloured food before placing them in the dishwasher.
  • Filters and openings of ventilation and air conditioning systems can be waxed with liquid wax after previously well having them cleaned. Thus, dust will accumulate so quickly, and the air will flow better and be cleaner.
  • To clean the carpets after the long winter, it is better to call a cleaning company. After the main cleaning, you need to keep your carpet regularly.

With these practical tips, you are ready to welcome spring in a clean and refreshed home!

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