Shake Up Your Kitchen Style

Are you looking to update your kitchen, but are tired of the identikit looks which are flooding social media?

Why not try something stunning, sophisticated and stylish by investing in a shaker style kitchen – and let your home really stand out from the crowd.

What Is A Shaker Style Kitchen?

A Shaker style kitchen is a unique and distinctive look which harks back to the mid-18th century, and features clean, simple lines, all finished to the highest possible standards. Once deemed ‘old fashioned’, the Shaker style has seen a triumphant comeback, as homeowners seek to transform their kitchens into calm, soothing centres of the home.

The style features a flat, central panel on units, with clean, square edges. When combined into a complete look, Shaker designs offer a symmetrical and contemporary finish, which is appealing to those looking to bring their kitchen space bang up to date.

Where Did The Style Come From?

The Shaker style gets its name from the 18th century, where a group of worshippers from the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing rose to prominence. More commonly known as Shakers due to their enthusiastic, ecstatic movements during worship, the group was a breakaway from the Quakers, and made their way to America to stand on their own two feet, promoting independence and freedom.

One of the key aspects of their designs was to ensure that each and every item crafted looked just as good from the back, side and front – and this means that they had to be simple and easy to replicate. Intricate details and elaborate veneers were perceived as “dishonest practices”, resulting in a plain, simple and soothing final aesthetic.

Why Choose A Shaker Style?

There are a number of reasons to opt for a Shaker style, rather than an ornate, modern look, and some of these include:

  • Add a contemporary look

The pain simplicity of the Shaker style means that it appears almost timeless; and this can be a great way to bring a modern and fresh feel to any kitchen. It also means that your design is less likely to date when fashions and trends change, and allows you to enjoy your look for years to come.

  • Easy to accessorise

The simplicity of the design also means that it is easy to add your own accents and accessories as the mood takes you – you can build a brand new aesthetic around your existing units. From updating tiles to freshening paintwork, changing the colour scheme to updating the furniture, you can very easily add a fresh, vibrant new look to your home – without going through the time and expense of a kitchen overhaul!

  • Amazing quality

Shakers believed that to craft an object was to create an act of devotion to God, and this ensured that each and every piece was of the highest quality. This attention to detail remains to this day, and you can rest assured that a Shaker kitchen is an investment – and one designed to stand the test of time.

Black Gloss Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Black Gloss Kitchen

Do you crave a sophisticated yet timeless kitchen space? Then you should go for a black gloss kitchen cabinet. Kitchen cabinets are unique kitchen features that should enjoy durability with no constant need to change them. Choosing a black gloss design will give your kitchen a vibrant, luxurious yet ageless presence.

In the last few years, glossy cabinets have become more popular among homeowners and interior designers for their edgy style, shiny and mirror-like finish. Moreover, black appears to be dominating this trend, with designers and manufacturers churning out various black kitchen designs.

Using black will give character to your kitchen and make it stand out in your home. It doesn’t matter if you’re creating an all-black theme or simply using it as a backsplash, a black tone would enhance your kitchen style, making it look modern, classy, and coordinated.

Black is monochrome and flexible. And glossy cabinets have an ideal finish that does not crack or stain. You can combine your black gloss cabinet with any design or colour to achieve your desired kitchen style.

Let’s take a look at some hot ideas for black, glossy cabinets just in case you’re planning your kitchen design.

Splash some Colours

If your kitchen décor is all dark and gloomy, it might end up as the last place you want to visit after a long and sad day. Enliven your kitchen by adding colourful appliances to your space. In addition, paint your walls in bright and sassy colours like marigold, fuschia pink, mint green. This will give your kitchen a cheerful and vital appearance.

Reveal a Brick Backdrop

Want your kitchen warm and inviting? Show off your brick walls. Their light colour makes a beautiful and glaring contrast with the hue of the black cabinet. The visual difference will give your kitchen a more expressive appearance.

Go bold and classy

Create a modern and sleek kitchen by teaming up your black gloss cabinets with marble flooring and a modern range of appliances. This will make your kitchen appear smart and sophisticated. You can set it in a monochrome style of white walls and floors to contrast your black cabinets. Moreover, you can add a backsplash of your choice in order to prevent stains on your wall.

Travel back in Time

How about setting your kitchen in a past era? Even if your kitchen is teeming with contemporary equipment, you can adapt an old age design. It will make your kitchen feel homey. You can achieve this, for example, by setting up a stone fireplace as a backdrop for your black cabinets.

Light up your space

Transform your kitchen into a stunning and vibrant space by combining glossy black cabinets with ample lighting. The light reflection will make your space feel larger and more spacious than they are. This is very ideal for small spaces.

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